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The INON UCL-165 LD close-up lens is a high magnification close-up lens with a 16.5cm focal length +6 dioptre to shorten the minimum focus distance allowing you to get closer to a subject enabling high magnification close-up photography.

Dual use focuses underwater and in air.

The lens construction is 2 elements in 2 groups with high quality optical glass with inner coating to suppress optical aberrations more effectively and bring out optimal performance of combined master lens compared to a lens using just one double-convex element.

The lens barrel has a joint M67 screw mount on its front side to hold other INON M67 series close-up lenses for super macro imaging.

Retractable Locking Pin bayonet mount INON "28LD Mount" for easy, speedy yet reliable installation on "28LD Mount Base" can be obtained.

The INON UCL-165 LD is attached on compatible camera / housing via INON "28LD Mount Base" which is exclusively designed for each housing.

Optional Accessories
INON Snap on front lens cap to keep the front element from being accidentally scratched and free from collecting dust.

INON LD lens holder for safely securing your INON UCL-165 LD underwater close up macro lens to your INON Frame or Float Arm.

INON Neoprene Carry Pouch to safely store your INON UCL-165 LD lens during transit and when not in use.

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INON UCL-165 LD Underwater
Close-up Macro Lens